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  1. I am of Rome (Italy) I do not know to write in English and I read it little, I try however to follow your arguments as I can, thank you,

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    Welcome to the forum Gabriella,
    This site is a great resource and fun to participate in as well. I'm sure your english will improve as you continue logging in and reading. Good Luck!
    Sincerely, plantluver
  3. I watch and read every day how much you write and I am much content, I have a difficulty with English also because the language that I know better is the French, then I have studied a little German and, this last difficulty with English, sure creates me, will try to improve; I live to Rome there am much green, naturally I am "zona Mediterranea", but tree, plants and flowers do not lack sure, with to the birds that more and more nest in city particulary on the Tevere, are just this particular flora that joy donates me, hope to share it with you, I embrace you and thanks for the answer,
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    I hear Rome is a very beautiful city. If I ever travel to Europe, I must visit Rome and as much of Italy as possible. Thanks.
  5. ciao, thanks to your visit;I live in Rom in a road called via Merulana that is near the Basilica of Saint Giovanni in Laterano, from the photo ( see the link the way behind the obelisco, close to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and farther from Saint Peter; there is much green in my zone, Villa Celimontana and Villa the Celio (between the ancients takeovers than Rome; I have a Blog dedicated to Pope Ratzinger, I know its thought (and its faith enough well) I can say of being in love of He (but we are many), I love its semplicity and its humility and the depth of its thought, I hope - with my Blog small - to introduce someone more better and above to the thought the Pope all than to help with the words of the Pope those who they are in difficulty and doubt in the faith, (forgive me my English), happy new Year


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