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  1. i'am looking information of grafting table grapes on vines, specially crimson over merlot and cabernet, thank's
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    Crimson seedless is very vigorous on it's own roots. It is sometimes grafted onto less vigorous rootstock in an attempt to reduce vigor but improve berry quality.
    There seems very little information on Merlot or Cabernet as a rootstock, probably because they are usually on the vine end when grafted. Both have a high magnesium demand, and so probably can be expected to be good suppliers if used as rootstock. Unfortunately I have no info on Crimson in this regard. Are you sure your Merlot and Cabs are not grafted?
    If you are not in a great rush, try a few grafts but leave a spur of the rootstock vine so you don't loose it if the Crimson doesn't thrive.
    Where are you growing? Crimson is a very late crop, certainly not likely to produce where I live (BC's gulf islands).

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