Grape Vine Growing-Advice Required

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    We bought a cottage in France this time last year and it has a grape vine which had been neglected for what would appear 3 years or more. We know nothing about vines and the only information surrounding the vine was given to us by a 92 year old lady who passed away earlier this year. She said that the vine produced one of the finest grapes when she lived in the house 1930's-1965.
    Unfortunately the previous owner of the property is now in an institution and suffering the Altzheimers.
    How can we identify what grape the vine should generate?
    We cut the vine right back prior to last winter (October 2005) and now we have terrific growth of tubers etc but no signs of any grapes.
    What should we be doing that we possibly have not done?
    What should we do if no grapes come forth this year?
    The soil is obviously ideal for the vine otherwise we would not have the leaf cover that we have.
    We have access to digital photography so we could take photos of the vine before the Autumn and forward them to some one who might be able to help.

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