Grape Vine Roots

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    I know this has been covered previously but I want to plant some cabernet sauvignon grapes on my farm land(europe) but I think in some spots there might be a hardpan. It is exactly 1 acre. I want to plant 3 meters (distance of each row from the other) by 2 meters apart each vine(In a row) I've done the bulldozer and ripper thing with a CATD6...should be a D8 or D9, I know, but there are not any around and they won't come for that small of a job especially when they have to pay for it's transport. I'm thinking of digging the trenches with a backhoe make him bang it out or something. My question is if I can get about 4 feet depth of soil...should it do?
    I will get 4 feet in some spots maybe slightly more but I don't like the look of gaps of missing vines.

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