Grapefruit and lemon trees growing just south of Seattle

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    These two trees are growing in someone's backyard in Federal Way, Washington, right next to Decatur High School. (Federal Way is just south of Seattle)
    The owners are a Vietnamese couple.

    One tree is grapefruit and the other tree is a lemon. They are both pretty big, about 6 feet high.

    They said they grew both from seed. They are not on rootstock.

    I asked them whether it was a Meyer lemon or a special lemon. They said no, it was just a regular lemon like what you buy in a supermarket, not special. Their language skills were not the best though, maybe they did not know.

    They kept it inside the garage for 12 years during each winter before planting it outside. The woman said the trees have only gone through one winter outside so far. Both trees have a frame over them, which they cover during the winter. But they do not use any Christmas string lights.

    They also have several small fig trees in their backyard.

    The first picture is the grapefruit, the second one is the lemon.

    grapefruit-federalway.jpg lemon-federalway.jpg

    pictures taken October 23, 2021
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