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  1. Hi Everyone ,

    I am Kaung , a Burmese and working in Singapore . I ma working for a retail company which is dealing with water fountains , and landscaping . I am interested to pick some online course on landscape design . Please advise me . Thanks everyone .
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    Hello Kaung, welcome to the UBC Botanical Garden Forums.

    There is one course in Landscape Architecture offered by the UBC Distance Education and Technology Program. I think it is more focused on art and design and I assume you are more interested in the plants. There are many wonderful courses online these days so some searching will yield a lot of options. Members may know of good courses they could recommend.

    We would also be interested to hear the perspective of a Burmese gardener in Singapore. These are not places I am personally very familiar with and I am always keen to know what people in other areas grow and how they relate to their landscapes.

    Once again, welcome Kaung.

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