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    Hi All. I have noticed that my cactus turned white and I wonder if I can still save him.

    Please see photo attached.

    Is it too much water? The pot does not have drainage holes but I dont water him often.

    Is it too much sunlight?

    How do I save him?

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    It could be too much sunlight, if it is direct sunlight, i.e. if the plant has been placed outside without an acclimatization period.
    Another possibility is mites, if so the white areas should turn brown in the near future.
    If this is a mere skin damage there is not much you can do but wait until the plant grows bigger and, hopefully, greener. (The damaged parts will eventually end up close to the base.) If it is a pest attack you will need to identify the pest and deal with it. Sometimes the reason is more serious, if the roots suddenly die the plant becomes much more sensitive to sunlight, for example, and then it can be difficult to save the plant.

    What is the strange thing at the top of the plant? Is it becoming cone-shaped?

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