help!! schefflera arboricola leaf spotting

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    my schefflera plant / umbrella plant has these small brown/dark spotting on the leaves!! it is mainly on new growth but i have removed the leaves with these spottings and now some of the older leaves seem to be showing signs of it too. i try to remove leaves that have it but it still seems to remain persistent.

    i have seen few older threads that have this problem and none seem to have a solution. if anyone has an idea what this may be or how i can prevent it from spreading please let me know. thank you

    upload_2020-7-9_11-29-17.jpeg upload_2020-7-9_11-29-51.jpeg upload_2020-7-9_11-29-26.jpeg upload_2020-7-9_11-30-57.jpeg

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    Hi, I believe this is a pathogen called Alternaria panax.
    You must keep the leaves of the Umbrella plant dry at all times to stop the spread of this. I don't mean to get personal about your home, but do you suffer from condensation on that window? If the answer is Yes than IMO that will be the cause.

    Forgot to mention, I use fungus fighter plus. If you Google it you can look for the best price.
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