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Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by jmoulins, Sep 13, 2004.

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    Hi all. I look forward to spending many hours in these forums, but today I urgently need some advice.

    We have a 75 ft tall willow tree in our back yard. The tree creates a nice buffer from the alley, and a great "feel" in the yard. We love this tree, and it was one of the main selling points when we bought the house two years ago. Those familiar with Trout lake might know the tree. It's the big willow at the northwest corner of the park.

    Three weeks ago we were visted by an engineer for the GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District) who informed us the tree would have to come down to make way for a new sewer line going under the alley next to our house. Crews will dig a thirteen foot trench about 4 feet west of the tree, and another trench about 12 feet to the south.

    Today we're told we have eight days until the tree comes down, and the engineer is asking us what it will take to keep us happy.

    We know this will affect the real estate value of our house, but we're not sure how much. We think the tree must have some monetary value, but we're not sure how much. We suspect this trench will also adversely affect at least three other trees on our property.

    Who can we turn to for answers to our questions?

    I'm sure there must be some precedent for this. Can anyone recommend a good arborist, and a good lawyer in Vancouver who will have experience with this kind of circumstance?

    Anxiously awaiting advice,

    Joe Moulins

    604 714-0788
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    Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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