Help! Yellowing Pencil Cactus

Discussion in 'Cacti and Succulents' started by frauhall, Oct 26, 2009.

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    My pencil cactus is growing well however the new growth is all yellow. I've tried changing watering levels, sun vs. shade. Vitamins.. Can't see any insects. Any ideas?

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    i just noticed the other day that one of mine is doing the same thing.

    it might be going dormant for winter.

    or it could be a light issue due to the angle being different now than during summer (it can actually be more intense now than at the height of summer).

    the one i'm having the same issue with is in a west facing window and the rest of the plant is in a south facing and that one is perfectly normal color.

    hmm, not sure if it's light or watering - the one in the west window does need watering (and the other one doesn't), so, maybe it's a combination of both too much light and lack of water? as well as the dormancy thing.

    hopefully someone else will give some input!

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