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Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by Wontolla, Sep 28, 2005.

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    Netherlands -The Hague
    This is Wontolla from Holland.
    I am an ex-biology teacher (67 now) and highly interested in plants of the world. When I am on holiday I always try to visit a Botanical garden, so this forum looks promising for me.
    I also made lots of photo's from plants all over the world. Lately mainly from Australia, Hongkong and Malaysia, but also here in Holland, where we have quite a couple of Bot grdns. I will search for them in the next period of my life and am willing to show you some of the beauties I will find there.
    I also hope to find some answers about plants that I pictured but without any nametag on it.
    And who knows some meeting will take place somewhere in the future.
    You can also find some of my pictures on www.flickr.com
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    sw USA
    Hello Wontolla,

    We look forward to seeing photos from your botanical garden tours.

    Welcome to the forums,

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