Higgledy-piggledy blooming schedule this year

Discussion in 'Vancouver Cherry Blog' started by wcutler, Mar 9, 2015.

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    I just want to say that the blooming schedule this year, 2015, is a mess. It's not just that everything is 3 weeks early. Every everything is not three weeks early, so they're not coming out in the same order we carefully figured out for our Ornamental Cherries in Vancouver book. I put 'Spire' before 'Pandora' because that's what they'd been doing, but 'Pandora' has been in full bloom everywhere, and 'Spire' doesn't seem to be thinking about blooming yet, not that that's any loss. And I put 'Spire' in early season, but mid-season 'Somei-yoshino' are just about out now, as are 'Snofozam'. But 'Yae-beni-shidare' have another week to go, and I don't think 'Rancho' will be any sooner than that, and those two were at the start of mid-season. In the West End, 'Akebono' will beat them both, though it's listed after them.

    So I have to change the map dates on about 40 of the cultivars still to bloom, and I have no idea what to do really. I'm going to move them all up two weeks and then start correcting from there as data comes in. Linda Poole, the festival director, wants for a Vancouver Sun article five good locations and dates for the month of April, and she wants them tomorrow. She can write fiction as well as I can. I don't know why she's asking me.

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