How to propagate an aloe plant?

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    I cut the top half of an Aloe leaf from my friend's garden how can I propagate it?
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    Let it air dry. The cut end should be dry to the touch but not shriveled. You might want to start it on sand or something that drains fairly well but doesn't have a lot of organic matter in it. you can pin it down to the medium or just lay it on top. I probably would take a length of bendable wire that you shape into a U and then put the prongs in the soil to keep the end of the leaf cutting on top of the sand. The sand should be damp, not hot and dry. Not dripping wet, either. Then forget about it. Really. Don't poke at it, pick it up, show it off, or let the cat play with it. Leave it alone except for making sure it has a bit of moisture in the medium. Also bright light, not direct sun. Maybe in a month or two. Technically, you're still in winter so it may take a while.

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