Huge Monster Grape Vine

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    Hello all, and thank you in advance for your help!

    Several years ago, we purchased a very old farm property which we anticipated as a retirement home, and now we're retired. In addition to the work required to bring the farmhouse into the 21st century, we have been trying to get some kind of control over the plants that have lived on this property for many, many years.

    Which leads to my grape... It is a good city block long and growing into the treetops. It produces prolifically, but much of the produce is hanging 25' or more in the air from the trees. I am worried that it is eventually going to strangle and kill my trees.

    I do not want to kill the grape, I just want to get some control over it. It is growing on a steep, heavily treed bank which makes it difficult to even find the mother plant(s). Last year, we cut back the huge amount of vine that we could reach with the whipper snipper, but that didn't seem to impact it at all. In fact, we seemed to get more grape production, which I don't mind if I could get to them!

    I am open to suggestions as to how I can get control of this monster. Help!

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