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Discussion in 'Citrus' started by lemon_dreams, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Well.. after some research I got some GREAT info for us that live close to the US border!

    WE can bring trees in with NO problems as long as we have a phyto certificate. MOST nurseries will get one for you and change $25 per order. shipping into canada can cause delays at customs, but bringing in yourself... no delays. You will have to pay duties, but, honestly its not much, I think it was 6-8% and not always will you have to pay ... depends on the ammount of your order

    I have contacted Logees ( and they have several citrus, in small sizes for reasonable prices... and you save money by shipping into washington... if they were to ship to canada the price goes up by 60%.

    So, this opens up most nurseries in the states as long as they'll aquire a Phyto for you. I've been in contact with import ppl, agri canada, customs canada... and ALL agrgee, just need the phyto!

    Great way for us to get the citrus we've been craving. over the next 2 months I'll be getting 2 shipments from Logees... 14 varieties of trees in total. Bringing my collection to 26 varieties and... that'll be the last of my collection as I'll have to start sleeping outside in winter so they have the room.

    Hope that a few of you are able to use this info... keep me up to date if and when you get trees :)
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    Lemon dreams, thanks for the note. I have mentioned this on other threads. I have also given you that info several months ago. Another thing, you can pre clear your order through the Canadian food inspection agency once you know when and where your shipment is going to enter Canada. The other problem, depending on where your plants originate - they may have to treated for certain pests and the soil may have to be tested for certain prohibited organisms. I ran into this when bringing some citrus in from South Carolina. The Local agricultural inspector (at the supplier) looks at a list of what the plants have to be checked for. (for S Carolina they have to checked for the Japanese beetle and the Soy bean cyst nematode) The nematode test cost me a extra $35 and in order to test for the beetle either the soil had to be treated with a insecticide to kill any beetles that may or may not be present (that too cost extra $$) OR the plants could be shipped without soil. Either way this is a hassle for the for the seller and trying to convince them otherwise is the problem. The Phyto sanitary certificate is a United Nations programme. Good luck with your order. Let us know how it goes. I too would like to get some plants from them.

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