Info: Rene Blanc and Rene Bleu grapes from Vineland Research station?

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    North of Ottawa, Canada (zone4a/b)
    Anyone have any info regarding Rene Blanc and Rene Bleu grapes from Vineland Research station? I can't find anything beyond what is written below.
    Page 34:
    RENE BLANC NEW A new white table grape just released from the Vineland research station. Although we have heard very little feedback from growers, initial reports indicate that it is quite winter hardy. Firm, sweet midsized berries have a light Muscat flavour and had customers coming back for more when they were offered at farmers markets. SELF-FERTILE | ZONE 5
    RENE BLEU NEW - AVAILABLE SPRING '17 Also just out from Vineland, this new blue table grape is reported to have exceptionally long bunches of sweet, mild-flavoured, mediumsized berries. As yet there is very little hard data, but growers who tested them were enthusiastic about fruit flavour, quality and hardiness. Test drive a few vines of these promising new varieties before you plant a whole vineyard. SELF-FERTILE | ZONE 4

    Also, anyone have personal experience with Einset and Skookum grapes? I need 3 more vines to fill out my rows. I'm trying to find seedless, non-slipskin (something with crunch) and with a lot of flavor. Ideally something that ripens Sept/Oct in zone 4. Honestly, for August/early Sept I would not plant anything other than Somerset - sweet, super flavorful, seedless with a nice crunch! If you have a Canadian source for cuttings/bare roots that would be awesome too!

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