Is there a xeriscaping group in Metro Vancouver?

Discussion in 'Gardening for Water Conservation' started by flytrap, Jan 14, 2008.

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    westcoast, Canada
    I'd be interested in hearing from other folks interested in xeriscaping in and around Vancouver.

    I've a small front yard xeriscape with cacti, yuccas, grasses and other succulents here on the WET coast. I'd be happy to hear from others who may share successes and not so successes with plants / soil recipes and other ideas.

    My biggest challenge to my xeriscape is the amount of weeds. Although it's low maintenance in terms of watering and fertilizing ... the weed can drive a person stir crazy.

    And folks who live in a similar climate to ours (cool temperate)... it'd be nice to hear of how well your xeriscapes are faring.

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    Courtenay, Vancouver Island
    I met members from from one of the societies at Van Dusen in the late 90's. I don't recall the societies name or if it's still in existance. There was some very knowledgable people there so hopefully you can find them through one of the other gardening clubs.

    Cheers, LPN.
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    Ruxton Island, B.C., Canada
    Were you able to get any further info about any local xeriscaping?
    We are on Ruxton, about 25 miles from Vancouver as the crow flies. Our problem is that our only water supply is rain. An average of 37" a year.
    Currently we have a little over 6,000 gallons of storage capacity, which has to do us for everything until the fall monsoons hit.
    As a result, the water allocation for the garden - which is becoming quite extensive - is seriously limited.
    I am presently investigating which plants might be suitable for the Japanese garden now going in, which are not too thirsty.
    If anyone has any suggestions.....

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