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Discussion in 'Maples' started by Jill Fran, Aug 30, 2023.

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    My Japanese maple that bought 1 month ago needs help. It looked healthy when I bought it (picture with the brown bag attached). I repotted it in a terracotta pot with regular potting soil that I’ve used for all of my plants. Then everything went downhill from there; the leaves had a white powder appearance. Many dried up leaves started to appear on my floor. Eventually, all of the leaves had the white powdery appearance and every day they dropped…even the newer leaves shriveled up and died. The most recent pic is when there are no leaves. It’s an indoor plant but the soil showed some very tiny white bugs that will crawl everywhere once I add water (I think they’re springtails that came with the tree because my soil is brand new). This is my first tree so I’m inexperienced with the illness it might have.

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    Good evening Jill and welcome to the maples forum.
    Firstly, these are not indoor plants. Maples are understory garden trees that are happiest in a good well drained soil.
    Secondly it sounds like it has powdery mildew. This is not the death of the plant, but leaves should be picked up and burnt to stop reinfection next year. A dry atmosphere will hasten the problem. (Indoors is not good for this tree).
    So if you can I would plant it outside in a fairly shady area, ie morning sun, afternoon shade. Do not plant it too deep and ensure the trunk is not buried at all.
    Water regularly through Autumn, but don't drown it. Then it might have a chance to recover and come back next Spring.
    Don't be tempted to feed it either. That will cause it stress.
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    A good chance you also shocked the root system by transplanting during its active growth cycle. Best to re pot when completely dormant. Good advice above from Derek
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