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  1. I Have Enjoyed Collecting A Few Potted Jm , Now I Put Up A Fence In My Back Yard And Would Like To Add A Few To My Already Astablished Garden Along The Fence. I Would Like To Add 3 Trees For A Little More Privacy And Beauty. I Ordered A Acontfolium, And Am Trying To Figure Out What Else To Add. I Am In Zone 5 Wi. Il. Boreder.i Have My Pottewd Plants In Full Sun And To Most Peoples Surprise They R Doing Great. I Have A 3 Year Old Ozakakuki,inaba Shidare,icant Recall The Others Name Sorry. So If Anyone Has Some Ideas For A Sunny Area Until About 3:00 Oclock Please Feel Free. Your Information And Your Site Is A God Send, Zin...
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    Hello Zinfandel,

    Well, there are certainly a lot of Japanese maples to choose from. You can probably find a few favourites in the Maple Photo Gallery. I am sure other JM enthusiasts will be happy to advise you on how they will perform in your area.

    Welcome to the forums,

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