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    My lawn is about 4 years old [sod], I live on the Sunshine Coast where I purchase the sod and was told at the time it was a mix of grasses suitable for our climate. I have limed and fertilized the lawn on regular intervals. The problem is that it is somewhat spongy, and doesn't look that good [brown patches unevenness etc.] and upon investigation some of the grass is growing horizontal along the ground, if I pull it up it is shows green and about 2 inches longer than the top grass. I mow at the 3 inch mark and try to mow in opposite directions, what is making it lay horizontal? I haven't de-thatched as it doesn't appear to have a lot of thatch just grass growing horizontally. I also haven't aerated, which I was going to try this fall. I used at least 6" of topsoil [manufactured] before laying the lawn, but have noticed the soil has a tendency to compact. The only thing I can think of is that I left it too long last fall and we had a fair amount of snow on the grass - but to my mine I have cut it at least once a week since April. Thanks for any suggestions/help.

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