Maerua decumbens

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    This one is from Eastern Africa and Kenya. It forms a shrub or small tree with a swollen base. I purchased this one about 3 years ago. I have been attempting to keep this one pruned back to induce more branching. Despite forming a relatively large caudex and thick pachycaul stems even in this early stage of development, it does not branch readily and tends to have a rather etoliated appearance despite baking in full sun and being pruned. The foliage is waxy and characteristically succulent. During it's summer growth period, I have been attempting to over pot and stimulate root growth. It has responded well and I have pruned it about every 6-8 weeks. What little data that is available states that it will eventually develop a white, shaving-brush, flower. Treat this one like a tropical during the summer growth period, and like a cactus during its winter dormant period.

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