Appreciation: Magnolia tripetala

Discussion in 'Magnoliaceae' started by wcutler, Jun 5, 2021.

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    I'm more sure than about most things that this is Magnolia tripetala, in the rhododendron garden in Stanley Park at Ceperley Meadow. Except, I've just seen two old postings in which @Ron B mentioned how malodorous the flowers are of this species. These flowers were right down at nose level, and I didn't notice any smell at all. You can see that there were new flowers, and senescent ones. No smell. Still, I can't imagine this being anything else. I didn't measure the leaves, but they were probably around two hand-spans in length.

    Magnolia-tripetala_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20210603_155026.jpg Magnolia-tripetala_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20210603_154900.jpg Magnolia-tripetala_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20210603_154917.jpg Magnolia-tripetala_CeperleyMeadow_Cutler_20210603_155100.jpg
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