Appreciation: Magnolia x proctoriana

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    Here is another one from the map of the magnolias in the Ted and Mary Greig Rhododendron Garden in Stanley Park (drawn by Gerard Picher for Barbara and Alleyne Cook): Magnolia x proctoriana, which World Plants says is a cross between M. stellata and M. salicifolia. This is on the Magnolia Path. Photos are from May 11.
    MagnoliaXproctoriana_StanleyParkMagnoliaPath_Cutler_20210511_162723.jpg MagnoliaXproctoriana_StanleyParkMagnoliaPath_Cutler_20210511_162744.jpg MagnoliaXproctoriana_StanleyParkMagnoliaPath_Cutler_20210511_162814.jpg MagnoliaXproctoriana_StanleyParkMagnoliaPath_Cutler_20210511_162849.jpg MagnoliaXproctoriana_StanleyParkMagnoliaPath_Cutler_20210511_162911.jpg MagnoliaXproctoriana_StanleyParkMagnoliaPath_Cutler_20210511_162931.jpg MagnoliaXproctoriana_StanleyParkMagnoliaPath_Cutler_20210511_163030.jpg
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