Male and Female Vines? is this true?

Discussion in 'Grapes and Grape Vines' started by toddtvl, Sep 11, 2004.

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    Hi there,

    I have a home in the Port Moody area, which received terrific sun most of the day. the north (back) part of my yard has a dry soil, grass doesn't like to stay green up there. I want to plant some grape vines in 2005, and I was at a friends house today and they had these small purple grapes without seeds (delicious). I don't plan to make wine, but having grapes too eat and look at would be best for us.

    Do I need a male and femail vine growing together? how do you determine which is which?

    I understand about the pruning rules and that the roots can dig through sandy soil (possibly), but need to be watered regulary - I was thinking about an in-ground watering system for that?

    Any idea on the male/female vine?
    Suggestions on grapes for around Vancouver that are easy to grow and eat?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You've heard about "male" and "female" kiwis (Actinidia spp.). Grapes have completer flowers on each vine, there are no "males" that need to be planted. All are capable of fruiting.

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