Appreciation: Maple Society OSI: Limitations and Possibilities for Growing Maples in Poland, by J.W. Tumilowicz

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    A first digital edition!

    Limitations and Possibilities for Growing Native and Exotic Maples in Poland. By Jerzy W. Tumilowicz, Warsaw Agricultural University, Rogów Arboretum.

    This article, reintroduced from the 2002 International Maple Symposium Proceedings by the Maple Society Open Science Initiative, is now available for the first time in digital format. It will by of interest to all growing maples in the challenging colder climate zones, like the US mid-west or Northern and Eastern Europe. Prof. Tumilowicz tracks hardiness for 74 Acer species growing at Rogów through time, including after severe January conditions with an average temperature of -12.4°C (9.7°F) and a minimum of -31.3°C (-24.3°F). He provides invaluable information about the climate (as of 2002) and cultivation of maples in Poland, as well as a complete table providing information about performance during and after these challenging conditions.

    Check it out at: Open Science at the Maple Society | The Maple Society
    IMG_2767.JPG IMG_3193.JPG
    Acer negundo is fully hardy at Rogów, whereas Acer pseudoplatanus may be slightly injured by the cold. Here are A. negundo 'Auratum' and A. pseudoplatanus 'Simon Louis Frères'
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