Appreciation: Maple Society OSI: Worldwide Maple Diversity, by P. C. de Jong, First Digital Edition

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    Worldwide Maple Diversity, Piet C. de Jong, Ph.D., Von Gimborn Arboretum, Utrecht University, 2002

    Originally published in The Proceedings of The International Maple Symposium, 2002. The Maple Society Open Science Initiative presents the first ever digital edition of this important and frequently referenced paper, which updated the the Acer classification presented by de Jong in Maples of the World in 1996, and remains pertinent today.

    Recovering the paper required using high definition scans and optical character recognition (OCR). Images were extracted and rebalanced, parts of the tables and references had to be retyped, and the paper was then laid out in the spirit of the original. Special thanks to Piet de Jong for giving me one of his two copies of the Proceedings, and so allowing us to bring the paper to the attention of those botanists who have seen it referenced but been unable to read it.

    The paper is available at Open Science at the Maple Society | The Maple Society

    IMG_1137.JPG IMG_1214.JPG IMG_1510.JPG IMG_1543.JPG IMG_1558.JPG
    Since de Jong is the specialist in flower morphology, here are some maple flowers; Acers negundo, platanoides, pseudoplatanus, pectinatum ssp. laxiflorum, diabolicum.
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