Mirei Shigemori : Modernizing the Japanese garden

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    Mirei Shigemori : Modernizing the Japanese garden

    Doctorial Thesis By: Tschumi, Christian
    Published: 2004

    Some of the best material written on the great garden master Mirei Shigemori is in Japanese. This thesis or monograph is the most complete and in-depth analysis of Mirei Shigemori's life, works, and gardens. The author had access to Shigemori's never seen before sketches, research papers, personal journals, garden plans, receipts from original garden installations, ect. Even works written in Japanese are referenced and translated in English for the first time.

    A treasure for the Japanese Garden Scholar and enthusiast.

    Mirei Shigemori : Modernizing the Japanese garden - PDF
    (The site above host the PDF as a viewable document without having to download it for free)

    Permanently available as PDF
    (The above site hosts the PDF as a download option for entire document or thesis all in PDF format for free)
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