Identification: Mold/mushroom growing on wall/floor in house/apt

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    re: Questions about a mold or mushroom growing on wall or floor or other area inside your house or apartment

    Disclaimer: I am not a mold expert/specialist. Below are some principles around fungal growth and identification that are generally known in the mycological community; however these do not constitute expert advice regarding fungal or other organisms that specialize in inhabiting buildings.

    - If it has a visible structure, appears to be a "mushroom" of some sort, it may be identifiable by photo. Be aware that a mushroom is just the fruit of the fungus: The body of the fungus is inside the wall/floor, regardless of whether you see a mushroom fruiting from it.

    - If it does not have a structure e.g. it looks like pale fuzz, whitish goo, dark stain, blob etc, it may be a mold, or perhaps a mixture of different types of organisms. Usually it is not possible to identify molds from photos; this often requires specific mold expertise and/or microscopy.

    - Eradicating organisms growing in damp places usually involves removing or changing the conditions that favour their growth. Typically removing ongoing dampness in the area. In some situations changing the pH of the area could help inhibit growth. Wood or drywall inhabited by a fungus may need to be removed, or it may simply need to be kept dry to discourage fruiting.

    - You could try taking a specimen to your local mycological society for in-person examination. They may have someone with expertise in mold, or if it is an actual fungal fruiting body there may be features enough for identification in-hand.

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