Most efficient, fast way to germinate maple seeds?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Soumil Yarlagadda, Feb 4, 2022.

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    "hanks Gomero for the interesting reference. After trialling many different species I think there are several different processes. As indicated for Acer pseudosieboldianum ssp takesimense, I think the tough middle capsule may be enough to delay germination till it softens. For most early excision doesn't work as I think some chemical changes have to occur at cool temperatures so I give all a period of cold stratification. For many I think germination inhibitors especially around the immature root may be important as they only seem to germinate even when excised if the root is "misted" with water for a time eg Acer nikoense. All seem to germinate quicker if the root especially is exposed.
    Emery, I plant un-excised seed buried a little but with excised I leave them on the surface so the root can be gently sprayed with a mist ? to wash away inhibitors. The pots are kept in re-sealable plastic bags to keep humidity high in gentle light (see picture). The one flaw of the technique is that some seed lose direction and the roots may need re-directing down. This may happen naturally also and seedlings just get lost. With the technique it doesn't seem to have any long lasting affect"
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    elegantulum is easy to germinate. I haven't grown serrulatum but I haven't heard about any difficulties (which isn't to say there aren't any). My personal experience with takesimense is that it germinated without any particular techniques, even scarification, much less excision. As the soundness of seed of this species varies very widely, it may be that our different experiences are influenced by genetic differences, too.

    You should probably pulverize a copper solution (e.g. Phyton27) if you're worried about mold. I would be concerned that wet paper towels would be too wet, but that's just an opinion.
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    I use paper toweling dampened with diluted hydrogen peroxide and occasionally refresh with the same solution when I check on how things are coming along in the course of stratifying. I use a solution that is about 0.1% (1000 ppm) by diluting 3% peroxide I can get at most any grocery/pharmacy (it is sold as an antiseptic).
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