Mutant Iris

Discussion in 'Plants: Science and Cultivation' started by Not a farmer, Jun 22, 2020.

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    I'm looking for information on my mutant iris. I moved several irises last fall so I was not surprised this one didn't bloom this spring. Now it is mid-June and this iris is doing something I've never seen before. This "blossom?" is about as thick as a leaf and has at least two "petals." The petals feel thinner than a leaf, and a petal.
    Mutant Iris.jpg mutant iris II.jpg
    I'll be keeping an eye on this iris to see what else it does, and I'll remain curious at to what the heck is happening.
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    Curious! A couple scenarios: something physically damaged the shoot apical meristem (which will produce the stalk) or there's a genetic mutation that prevents division of the cells that produce the stalk. I'm more inclined to think the latter, because it looks like the flower still formed, if imperfectly.

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