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    Hello, I just want to know if my cactus looks normal or is it dying? Can you please give me tips on taking care of my cactus? Does the spine normally looks like hooks? I give it 2 sprays of water everyday (not water directly from container, i spray from like a perfume bottle) then it is placed near a window. Thank you for your help and have a nice day

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    It looks reasonably normal. A Mammillaria, but I don't know exactly what species, perhaps zeilmanniana? Many Mammillaria have hooked spines, so that is probably fully normal. Watering depends very much on the climate. When it is cold and dark (like here at the moment) they should be kept dry. Otherwise watering should be adjusted to suit the light and temperature, and that is best determined by trial-and-error. If it grow too fast and the top becomes light green and pointy, hold back on water (and try to relocate the plant), if it doesn't grow at all, water some more. The soil should dry out in a few days. I never spray mine, I either fill the entire pot (and let the excess drain off) or not at all.
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