Biodiversity Heritage Library: New Collection Development Policy

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    The BHL Collections Committee has completed a comprehensive review and revision of BHL's collection development policy. The new policy is written to provide recommendations and serve the collection management needs of BHL Partners. As a key objective of BHL's Strategic Plan 2020-2025, the new policy is a significant revision to the original policy written in 2010. In learning together as a collaborative community of practice since then, our understanding of BHL collection management has been expanded and refined to:
    • clarify collection management priorities;
    • articulate our responsibility to pursue more diverse perspectives;
    • outline BHL Partner expectations;
    • better define our scope;
    • describe BHL-specific curation best practices; and
    • provide transparency by posting the complete policy via BHL's About Site.
    Going forward, the collection development policy will be reviewed on a yearly basis for minor updates.

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