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  1. I planted some grapes in the spring, dont know the names but some are green seedless and the others are purple with a skin and softer insides. they seem to be doing well, climbing up the fence about 5 feet so far, but only one of the four has any grapes on it. should that be a worry? could I have three vines that dont produce any fruit ?
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    I'm curious: only one is producing fruit, but some are green seedless and others are purple etc... How do you know? Have you seen the vines they came from?

    Anyhow, back to your questions. It's not uncommon for first year vines not to produce fruit. Production in the second year will also be light (and is often removed to promote proper establishment of the vine) and the third year should approach full production. If these are cuttings from fruiting vines, the new plants are clones and their behavior will follow closely that of the original vine.

    If these are cutting grown plants, they are less likely to be Muscadine grapes, but if they are, most of these are dioecious with male and female flowers on different plants, and this can make fruiting more difficult.


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