New leaves of my grape vines are curling up

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    I have a 1 year old grape vine(plated last year in my back yard) . I live in Northern Virginia, USA. This year it started to grow many new vines from spring and lot of small tiny new grapes(or grape tiny balls , not sure,) in bunch on the existing steel trellis. To give them better support, I removed the old trellis and made a wooden more steadier trellis. We had a continuous 3 days heavy shower from the day i put the vines on the new trellis. and then I noticed lot of the new leaves curled ..the small grape bunches also blackened ..Not sure what I should do. Though, there are many green big leaves still there , but the small new ones are all curling up. I am suspecting maybe the heavy rain might have to do something about washing away minerals from soil..or maybe the newly build wooden trellis..which the plant might not have liked??!!??

    Can some one suggest something..I looked up in net..some said Potassium sulfate may help for these issues of curling leaves.. Can I get some advises please..?
    Attaching some pictures of my Trellis and the curling issue.

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