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Discussion in 'Grapes and Grape Vines' started by RobertStokes, Jun 6, 2005.

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    Hello Everyone

    I know absolutely nothing about growing grapes. Currently I am living in the San Antonio, Texas area. As you know, it gets extremely hot in San Antonio. I ordered a vine from Gurney's several years ago not knowing the type! A seedless vine that's about 7 years old which produces only small (miniture) grape . They are extremely sweet but never seems to mature. They probably get about a forth of the size of a normal grape. Any advice? Should I reorder remembering the name or do you think I can making cutting out of the current one and restart.

    Help! I am willing to learn!

    Robert Stokes
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    You can take cuttings from the one you have, but why? Mostly we try to reproduce the ones that are working and it sounds like this one isn't.
    Check with a local university Ag department. They are often on the web, and are very helpful generally speaking. You need to know your "hardiness" zone, and also "degree days" for your growing site. They will probably be able to help you with that. Then decide what kind of Grape you want (table, juice/jam, wine, raisin or a multi-purpose variety) and work with one that will work for you.

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