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Discussion in 'Poaceae' started by PinkieT, Feb 4, 2007.

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    Can anyone tell me if I will have much success growing New Zealand Flax in North Delta, BC? What varieties would grow the best here. I love the look of them and would like to use them in either my front or back garden beds. My front garden has a PH level of 5.8 and Lime level of 20. It's West facing and recieved full afternoon sun. The back garden has PH levles of 5.2 and 140 for Lime (lots of cedar trees and Rhodos) and being east facing gets morning sun but is mostly shady.
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    Down here these are all over the place, in both commercial and residential plantings. If your district suitable there should be some growing nearby already. Some damage this past winter but most should recover next season. The variegated kinds are supposed to be a little more tender but you'd have to do a comprehensive trial all together in the same plot to get a good idea of relative tolerances.

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