Observe,conserve: E.O. Wilson.

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    In honor of E.O. Wilson---naturalist, entomologist, writer, Pulitzer Prize winner, Harvard professor emeritus---who has passed away age 92. R.I.P.

    If you wish, you can take a map of the world and throw a dart. Where the dart hits, you will find animals and plants and mysteries of great magnitude.

    The most important discoveries are going to be made in examining the smallest of the ants, the animals, the plants. We just need to know what is on this planet. We need to have a more complete and productive understanding of how to care for the life that we’ve inherited.

    We need to not carelessly let any species slip away from us. If we want to know what is on this planet and why it is a live planet — what contributes to that life and what it all means, ultimately, for human existence — we should try to save it all.

    This legendary 92-year-old biologist has some advice for saving Earth
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