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    I have just moved in to a house last August which had an unruly and neglected assortment of grape vines. I'm not sure what the variety is, but the grapes have a purplish skin and are very sweet. Reminds me of the grapes my grandparents used to have in Windsor.

    This year, with the help of a neighbour, I've started to take an interest in cleaning up the vines and prepare them for, as mentioned in a previous post, a "ruthless" cutting back. Many of the branches from the main trunks are over 6 ft long and will need to be cut back. I also have covered a couple of the lower branches which are laying on the ground, hoping they will root so I can plant them elsewhere in the yard. I will have lots of space to do this as my yard is about 100 ft deep and about 40 ft wide and there are only about 4 or 5 trunks growing.

    What is the optimum length of a branch? When planting cuttings, what would be the best spacing between trunks?

    Thanks for your help.

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