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  1. I have an ornamental lime tree that is not doing well. Over half the leaves have fallen, and although it is producing some fruit on the live branches, some branches now look brown and crispy. How do I get my lime tree back to it's bushy, healthy self? Am I overwatering?

    Thank you for any advice you can give me!
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    How long have you had this tree? How tall is the tree? What size container is the tree in? What is your watering habbits? How dry is the soil before you water again? What type of growing medum is the tree in? If it is indoors, when did you bring it in? Important... WHAT TEMPERATURE IS THE POTTING SOIL? What temperature is the room it is in? Is it in a south facing window? Have you slipped the tree from the container and check the roots to see if there is damage or rot? What color were the leaves before they fell? When the leaves fell from the tree did the petiole (stem) disconnect from the branch and fall with the leaf blade, or did the stem stay attached to the branch? If you answer these questions an educated guess can possibly be made. Good luck to you and to your tree. - Millet

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