Oshu Shidare

Discussion in 'Maples' started by Bill, Apr 6, 2004.

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    I recently obtained a small Oshu Shidare. Vertrees and Van Gelderen both say it will eventually reach a fairly large size, but offer no rate of growth.

    My impression is that it is a slow grower, like Shishigashira, but I was wondering if anyone knows the cultivar and can confirm that.
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    Hi Bill:

    Oshu shidare is not a speed demon for growth but it is a
    faster grower than most Shishigashiras are (remember
    there are two forms of Shishigashira and one of them
    is a slow grower and the other form can be a moderately
    fast grower up to about 6 feet tall or more. Mine grew
    fast up to 6 feet and then started filling in rather than
    growing taller).

    Oshu shidare is not a strong weeper by any means but
    does maintain its color pretty well, especially in Oregon
    from what I've seen of it. I have not seen many plants of
    this Maple, only about a handful actually.


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