Appreciation: Peter Gregory's Maple Profiles: Father David's Maple, Acer davidii

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    The Maple Society Open Science Initiative (OSI) is pleased to present Peter Gregory's Acer davidii Franchet (1886) profile, with photographs by Hugh Angus. Father David's Maple is one of the best known of the Chinese Maples in the West, where its attractive dark green leaves with orange and yellow fall colors, combined with spectacular striped bark, make it a popular addition to many parks and gardens.

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    davidiiBark.jpg davidiiEWFlowers.jpg davidiiFlowers.jpg davidiiFruitingBranch.jpg
    This is the next in our OSI series featuring Peter's maple profiles. Coming soon: the rare Chinese species Acer robustum.

    Photos Copyright 2019 Hugh Angus and The Maple Society
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