Picture of a Sorbus tianshanica?

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    Sorbus tianshanica. Has at least a picture of this tree been conserved?

    Just curious about this one, because there's so little info online, yet it is listed in the Sunset Western Garden Book (circa 1981). So it had apperently been imported in the past. I gather it is endemic to Pakistan (or they call it a Turkestan mountain ash in the book, which isn't pictoral).

    I also found a list of Sorbus endemic to China, something like 43 species there, so I guess there are lots of pictures in China.

    After all, the common name was more descriptive than the scientific one here, since I found it searching for that instead... Turkestan mountain ash

    Ah, I noticed that there was a typo in the book, as it was missing the first "c" in tianschanica, so I was misspelling the scientific name.
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