Please help me save my aloe!

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    I got this aloe a couple years ago from my grandpa after he died. The plant was very crooked because he didn't turn the pot. So I have been trying to straighten it out. I am concerned because a lot of the stem seems to have rotted away. There are a few roots left. But I don't want this plant to die since it is very special. How do I make it root more? And ensure that it is happy? I think I may have kept it in a place where it didn't get enough sunlight since some of the leaves are bent. If the leaves are bent should I cut them off? Or keep them since they are large?
    I was also planning on putting it in a smaller pot since it doesn't have much of a root system.
    For the last several weeks I have had it in a South facing window so it receives morning light until about noon. It was in the west window but started to get leaf burn.
    It does have some new growth which is encouraging.
    Please help me save this plant. What do you suggest?

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