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    I have two Beni Otaki. While at a nursery I found one labeled Beni Otaki, but it looked completely different. I bought it and figured out I would try to find the name later. I looked in Vertrees book and thought maybe it was Beni Kagami. The description of spreading, upright not stiff, graceful, fit the tree. However, I don't know about the leaf shape and Vertrees does not mention the brilliant red coloring in the fall, which is so outstanding I would think he would. So, I don't think that's what it is. It is very distinctive, especially the form, so I am hoping someone will see the photos I have and be able to tell me what it is. I have a picture of the form and a leaf of the unknown and Beni Otaki. The leaf size is very different, it is smaller than the leaf (by about 1/2) than the Beni Otaki. The only problem is, in Maples for Gardens, the leaf of the Beni Otaki looks more like the color and shape of the one I am trying to identify. Does anyone have any thoughts about this? Thanks for any help.
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