Pony Tail Palms

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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    Hi Since ten years we have Pony tails that I got tiny tiny for 3$ at the Chinese shop
    With all the rain and rather warmish weather I let them stand and the edge of the open yet covered patio
    We had a few nights only of frost and a little snow.
    It usually is a sunny yet dry place outdoors. Normally I take it in September and put it by our sunny south facing living room window. Today I passed by and notices the the centres were getting greener/ yellow
    and as I touched the centres they just tipped over.
    OMG are they all dead?
    What to do to save them? They always looked so lush and tropical on our patio
    I adore these plants in RSA we had them 2-3m tall
    Thanks for any opinion and possible help treatment? Lucky warmer weather is soon to be here.
    In RSA they have survived many frost nights in JHB which is very high up.

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    Burnaby, Canada
    On Feb 12 the YVR temperature dipped to -6.8 C in the middle of a week of arctic air. My outdoor thermometer in North Burnaby measured a low of -5 C that night. It appears that Pony Tail Palms should be able to survive such temperatures, but they are close to the lower limit. If the plant(s) succumbed to freezing, I don't think that there is any way to save them; but some parts may have survived. It's probably best to just wait and see what is still alive.
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