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    Hello guys!

    For some reason I decided to look at plants on Ebay and my Mum very kindly offered to buy me another aeonium....unfortunately it has arrived looking less than happy. I can't tell if it has just been badly packed or if it actually has frost damage. A lot of the leaves are bent and damaged, and I'm not sure what to do to improve things for it, or if it will even survive:(

    Do the damaged leaves need cutting off or will they perk up given time?



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    I don't grow this plant, but from the photos, it doesn't look all that terrible. As long as the roots look healthy, it should be ok, more cosmetic then anything else.
    I would take off anything that's torn, brown, or anything that's twisted or bent out of shape so much so, that the leaf has cracked.
    Anything else that's just somewhat out of shape could straighten out later on, if not, when new leaves come in, you can always pinch out the twisted or bent leaves if you don't like the look.

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