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    Hi Again,

    I have ordered the book on growing Citrus as suggested in another thread. But it will take a few weeks to arrive, and I have no patience, so i will ask another question if I could.

    Once my citrus seeds germinate, I am not sure what to transplant them into. Remember Im looking at growing about 1000.

    I have recieved a catalogue from a plastic pot supplier (the ones made of plastic film, like thick black bags). There is a massive difference in price between sizes. Which ones do I need?

    As far as I can tell, the smallest I might want has a diameter of 11.5cm (4.8 inches) and a hight of 16cm. (6.5 inches). The catalogue says 1.5 litres. Is this big enough to have my rootstock in through to the budding stage (and beyond)?? I would like to not have to repot before planting (or selling at a roadside stall). These are $65 per 1000.

    The biggest size I think I might need is about 16cm (6.5inches) in diameter and 24cm (9.75 inches) deep (about 5.4 litres). Seems too big to me, but is this a size that will contain my plants for a few years without the need to re-pot? Also, is this too big to put a seedling into? The price for these is $195 per 1000 (a big difference).

    Which should I choose. There are a few in between, but the next size up from the $65 type is $117 per 1000. What are the pros (other than price) and cons of the smaller size?

    Which would you choose?

    Thanks again
    Raphael in Australia

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