Potted Quercus robur - bluish leaves

Discussion in 'Fagaceae (beeches, oaks, etc.)' started by wcutler, Jul 22, 2020.

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    This is in my friends' back yard, has been potted for many years (I forget how many, maybe 30). It has been often pruned to keep it small. I wonder if it might be some special cultivar with such a blue cast to the leaves. Or maybe it's an English oak look-alike? Leaves seem to be around 10-15 cm long.
    Quercus-robur_DunbarBackYard_Cutler_20200722_142438.jpg Quercus-robur_DunbarBackYard_Cutler_20200722_142741.jpg Quercus-robur_DunbarBackYard_Cutler_20200722_142809.jpg Quercus-robur_DunbarBackYard_Cutler_20200722_143156.jpg

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