Potted Vine Dying

Discussion in 'Grapes and Grape Vines' started by Athena, Aug 27, 2004.

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    I have a potted Grapevine that I planted in May. I keep it on my balcony where my apartment gets the most sun. After a few weeks it grew lovely canes and leaves. But now (late August) all the leaves have dropped off and the canes are going brown. I have never fertilized the plant and I have not been watering it very much, as I thought it diddn't need it at first. I don't want it to die. Is there any way to save it?
  2. Knock it out of the pot and look at the condition of its roots and the soil. Most plants in containers need regular watering during dry weather.
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    Hi Althea,
    Potted plants need more water than those in the ground, as the pots dry out faster and the root system has less soil to keep it moist. Try GENTLY scraping the stem of the plant to see if there is any green just below the bark. If so, water whenever the top inch of the soil is dry. Just stick your finger in up to the first knucle to see. Plants will shed their leaves when they're stressed. Don't fertilize when plants are stressed or sick.

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