potting soil for roses, peat-less ??

Discussion in 'Rosa (roses)' started by ericpg, Sep 6, 2009.

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    My Hot Cocoa's cutting(Aug 13) has grown roots. My first one, so I'm happy.
    I guess it's time to prepare the potting soil for the transplant.
    "Stay away from peat moss; it's too acidic,"Field Roebuck's Complete Roses said.
    I am wondering if anyone knows which commercial potting mix is the best for roses, or how I can mix my own?

    Is peat moss really bad for roses? I've seen websites(Pickering, Hortico, Fraser pacific rose society) and stores(GardenWorks, Roan) that recommended to add one third peat moss when planting bare root roses in the garden.
    By the way, I lived in Vancouver BC.
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    Congratulations! :)
    That has wonderful Blooms!
    Wondering what it is you have done and how your little baby is doing!

    I do not know your location weather but this information is usable.
    Compost.Make your own compost if at all possible!
    Once planted in the ground if it will be make certain to remove clay if you have it.
    Meanwhile Don't know of potting soil Peat moss for rose in container. Not sure I would do that.
    Just make certain you have excellent drainage wholes and fluffy soil.
    Do not push down on the soil as seen all too often.
    How big of a pot is it in and why transplant it so soon into another pot? Do you plan on putting in the ground ?


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